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Environmental commitment

At Club Trésor, we are committed to more sustainable fashion.

By choosing our brand, you are opting for more responsible fashion, more respectful of the environment and of better quality.


By producing in Limited Series, we avoid stocks, sales and the usual rhythm of collections. This helps avoid overproduction, storage and waste of textiles.

If you like a product, let us know. If the quantity of fabric allows, we can restart production and put it back on sale in a few weeks.


The cut of our pants is designed to evolve with the child's size, to be worn for as long as possible.

The two models in the photo in size M are worn by Axel, 5 years old, and Joshua, 3 years old.

Learn more about the progressive cut of our Club Trésor pants.


Our Limited Series are made from existing fabrics from dormant stocks. The creation process is done from the fabrics we find, and not the other way around.

This practice avoids the production of new materials and therefore has a more limited environmental impact.


With Our Vintage Selection, we offer you second-hand clothing, which allows you to revalue old items and reuse previously worn clothing.

The environmental impact is very limited, since no new clothing is created.


By practicing upcycling, we transform an existing product to create a new one.

This practice avoids the creation of new clothes and therefore has a much more limited carbon footprint.


We strive to select solid, quality materials for our products, so that they are more durable.

Our goal is that each item of clothing can be reused and passed from one child to another.